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¡°Aggregation & Combination¡±¡ªfun basketball match of DPSE

Time£º2014-12-14 22:10
On the afternoon of December 26th, fun basketball match was held by DPSE in Yunfeng basket court of Zijin campus, which aimed at showing students’ vibrant spirit and publicizing the culture of DPSE “aggregation and combination”, which enriched students’ school life and strengthened the friendship and contact between two grades.
This match was between sophomores and juniors. Before the match began, members of hip-hop club gave a fantastic hip-hop show, breaking the ice in the court.

After the show, the match began and was finely balanced. But the juniors cooperated skillfully, which pulled away to big leads. However, the sophomores recovered themselves in time and run the juniors hard. And in the second quarter, the sophomores went on a 7:0 run and surpassed in reverse temporarily.

The junior was two runs ahead at the end of the second quarter with the score of 37 to 35. At half-time, simple and fun games were carried out to ease the tension of all players, making them have a good rest as well as having more fun.
In the second half of the match, all players tried to fight and the score rose alternatively. The match became stalemated. In the end, the juniors were exhausted, which pulled away to big leads by the sophomores.

With the last whistle sounded, the game ended with the score of 75 to 63. The sophomores won the match. During the spare time after the match, the players talked and laughed in harmony.

In words, this match not only brought students enjoyment, but enriched their school life, as well as enhancing the communication and contact between the two grades. It is believed that the students will face all difficulties in the future with the enthusiasm in the match.
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