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The Table Tennis Match of Six Departments Was Concluded Satisfactorily

Time2014-12-08 11:11

From December 5th to December 6th, the table tennis match of six departments of the 16th Graduate Sports Festival of ZJU was held successfully in the table tennis gym of Yuquan Campus. Although it was getting cold, the passion of each department’s athletes was undiminished. Several fierce and exciting games were held one after another.

An elimination system was adopted in the match. Under the guidance of judges and staff, the match went on orderly. The championships of women’s doubles and women’s singles were decided on the first day, and the championships of men’s doubles, men’s singles and mixed doubles were decided on the following day. The closer to the end, the more attractive the games were. Cheers and applauses came from the audience now and then.


What’s to be appreciated most is that Shufen Zhou and Yijia Wang of DPSE won the women’s doubles game. Yijia Wang was champion of women’s singles at the same time! This showed the talents of DPSE’s women athletes. At 11:00 am on December 6th, the students’ supervisor in DPSE office, Gaohe Wang, Junqin Lou and a professor of Mathematics Department presented the certificates and awards to prize winners. The match was concluded satisfactorily. The table tennis match displayed the characteristics of graduate students, and also enriched their entertainment life. It was a remarkable and wonderful game!

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