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New Students, New Campus, New Style---Record of the ice-breaking activity of the first postgraduate party branch of IPS, DPSE

Time2014-10-29 12:12
On October 25thwith the wind blowing and the sun shining, the first graduate party branch of IPS (the institute of polymer science) held the ice-breaking activity in Zijin Campus, which helped new students to relate to the new group quickly. All students had a good time.
In the noon, the students had lunch in the biggest dining hall of Asia in Zijin Campus. After this, the ice-breaking activity began on the lover’s slope. The first gamed is called “Sitting on the floor and standing up together”, in which four students in a circle sit on the floor, linking hands with each other, and try to stand up together. Only by working corporately, can they stand up successfully. After practicing several times, the game started. And the group taking the most time was punished. This game made the atmosphere more harmonious than before.
The second game “Monster” needed the whole group to become a whole. After discussion, the students divided the work and began to make up the monster. Someone behaved as one leg of the monster, and someone became one hand of the monster. Besides, someone was put up by others. In composing the monster, all students began to get on well with each other, and the united team formed.
Finally, we played another classical game named “true words, big challenge”. In this game, the students got the chance to know more about each other, including sharing some secrets, which indeed deepened the friendship.
In a word, this activity achieved our aims successfully. The students got more familiar with each other and realized that we each are one of the first postgraduate party branch of IPS and one of the big team. Due to the sense of belonging, we can help each other, grow together in the later days, making it possible for us to work hard for the beautiful tomorrow of DPSE and make more contributions for the scientific research of our motherland.
                                                             (By Laura)


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