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Teachers and Students of DPSE Attended Annual Sports Meeting of Zhejiang University

Time2014-10-24 21:09

The 2-day 2014 sports meeting of Zhejiang University started on Oct 24th in Zijingang Campus. DPSE sent three team consisting of undergraduates, graduates and faculty, respectively. In matches of the first day, athletes from DPSE made every efforts to fight for the honor and presented impressive performance in spite of the unsatisfactory weather with slight haze.

The opening ceremony of sports meeting began on 8 am held by Mr. Jianhua Yan, the deputy secretary of party committee of Zhejiang University. “Sunshine Scheme for Exercising and Sporting” was advocated in the ceremony after the flag-raising ceremony, national anthem and university anthem singing, and the oath-taking ceremony for both athletes and judges. Soon afterwards, secretary of party committee of Zhejiang University Mr. Deshui JIn and President Prof. Jianhua Lin delivered short speeches successively and launched the “Sunshine Long-distance Jogging”, running at the front as leaders. The representatives of DPSE ran energetically in the midst of the stream of people with the department flag held high, exhibiting robust spiritual outlook which served as a good beginning of the matches in the rest of the day.
Athletes went into the matches immediately after the jogging was over. Lei Xia, the students’ counselor, gave the debut of athletes from DPSE. His exciting fighting in long jump competition significantly inspired the other athletes which resulted in outstanding performance of them in the flowing matches.
The haze dissipated gradually after the midday, which rendered good weather condition for sport contests. Research Technician Hong Xu and Associate Prof. Mao Peng both obtained delighting achievements in the matches of standing long jump for the elderly and shot for the middle-aged, respectively. It was especially worth noting that this was the second time to win the champion for Technician Xu.
Herein, let’s offer our warm congratulation to the representatives of DPSE for their accomplishments hitherto as well as our best wishes that they could achieve further breakthrough in the rest matches.
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