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The second party branch of the institute of polymer material organized a series of activities to welcome the new students

Time2014-10-21 10:10
Autumn came, and the new students of the second party branch of the institute of polymer material also came. The second party branch of the institute of polymer material organized a series of activities to welcome the newcomers.The topic of the activities was despite of the cold weather, the feeling between each other was very warm, aiming at promoting the communications between the old and new students, developing a cohesive party branch together.
People often say:the body is the capital of the revolution. When graduate students concentrated their attentions on research, they should exercise more. To enhance the students’ physical quality, remind them of cooperation consciousness, we organized physical activities of the first culture festival of organic semiconductor lab (OSL).These activities were welcome by the whole group. We divided students into two teams by the location of the labs they worked:”Totally Forget”(the team of the polymer building) and “Lalalalala”(the team of the institute of silicon material and Xixi campus). Under the guidance of the team leaders, 18 team members of each team gathered together at nine o’clock. Together with them were crowds of cheerleaders.
The first one was the basketball game, consisting of half-court games for boys and set shot for girls. It would never be forgotten that while the team members were struggling on the court, the cheerleaders were yelling out. May youth always be with us, happiness accompanied.
After the basketball game,we came to the badminton stadium where an exciting badminton game were prepared. In the five matches of men's and women's singles, men's and women's doubles, mixed doubles, students fully showed their confidence, self-determination and practised skills. Many people were attracted by the matches. At the end of the match, we took photos together.
These activities were supported by the professors of our lab and they autographed on the prizes and sent their best wishes. Students who received these prizes were deeply touched. All of the teams got the second prize for the first culture festival of OSL, leaving good memories.
The next day, Autumn outing and hiking was organized for the first culture festival of OSL. Hiking was the tradition of our party branch,and we were responsible to carry it on. We were gathered at nine o’clock at the 7th building and proceeded to Laohe mountain together. We were talking to each other when climbing the mountain, regardless of the tiredness. Elder students were leading the way,while younger students were following behind, showing the good atmosphere of our group. Under the mutual encouragement and help, all of us came to the mountain top to enjoy the bright sunshine and fresh air. Then, we came to botanical garden to have a picnic.We shared the food we took with us, such as curry rice, cakes, fruits, drinks and so on.During the lunch time,we played some games together, during which we could know each other better.In the afternoon, students sat together and chat. New students seek advice on research, and the elder students shared the experiences with the new comer.
The second party branch of the institute of polymer material was devoted to reinforce the culture construction and enhance the cohesion of the branch party. We believed after the series of activities,we could break the ice, helped the new students adapt to the new environment and join us to construct the more attractive party branch together.  
                                          (By Miyana)


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