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Lecture on dissertation proposal of graduation thesis for undergraduate students of grade 2011 was successfully held

Time2014-11-15 23:11

On the afternoon of November 14th, invited by department of polymer science and engineering(DPSE) and school of materials science and engineering(SMSE), Miss Yi Li, the assistant of chief librarian of ZhejiangUniversity, gave a lecture on dissertation proposal of graduation thesis for students of grade 2011 in DPSE and SMSE. All of the students were present.

This lecture is talking about the preparation before the dissertation proposal of graduation thesis, literature searching, academic ethic when citing and management of reference literature. Especially, the literature searching was introduced in detail that how to select a proper topic, how to use the database and searching engine, how to find the literature we need efficiently and how to cite the literature.

During the whole lecture, the students were listening carefully, and taking notes. At the end of the lecture, the students applauded excitedly, and some of them communicated with Miss Li to solve their problems. It was believed that the students’ graduation theses could go much smoothly and there must be a happy ending to their undergraduate career.

(By Miyana)


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