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A Special Warm Welcome to Newly Admitted Students to the Institute of Biomedical Macromolecules

Time2014-09-16 10:10

Students from 2nd party branch of graduates were happily gathered in a day-rent house on Sept 14th to do DIY cooking, offering a warm welcome to newly admitted students of 2014 and Daniel, a Spanish exchange student. 

Doing experiments and cooking have lots of things in common. For example, temperature control is critical to experiments and the intensity control of fire of gas stove is very important for cooking. Besides, doing synthesis experiments is similar with cooking because it consists of several steps of compounds addition. In short, doing experiments and cooking both require people to be careful and patient.

Considering this comparison between doing experiments and cooking, it’s not surprising that students from 2nd party branch of graduates who do excellent work in labs have fantastic cooking skills as well. Every one cooked dishes in which they have expertise and the joy of cooking was no less than the success of their experiments.

Daniel, the exchange student from Spain, brought lots of foreign elements to the party. The spaghetti he made absorbed essentials of both Italian and Chinese cooking and owing to this, his cuisine earned lots of appreciations.

After dinner, students had a pleasant time playing table game until Daniel’s participation which turned the game into an English corner. Everyone enjoyed talking about interesting topics varying from domestic to international news and from school life to experiments, which enabled the new students to feel the cozy atmosphere as well as the energy of their labs.


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