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Feel the Light of advanced Science and Technology System, Take the Realistic Academic Road in the Future----Record of the Summer Social Practice of DPSE Students to SINANO

Time2014-09-14 22:10

This Summer Social Practice was themed with entering the top organization of nano area, talking with the reform of science and research system and looking for the route of scientific innovation and local industry upgrade. The practice site was Suzhou Institute of Nano-Tech and Nano-Bionics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (SINANO). SINANO was founded in 2006 and have been a modern research institute with outstanding achievement, great benefit, top management and first-class talent, doing something to the international science. Now SINANO has established some open scientific platforms, hatched many high-tech enterprises, and cultivated a group of scientists and entrepreneurs of a new era.

Three Platforms Develop Cooperatively

We visited three special platforms including Nano Fabrication Facility, Platform for Characterization and Test and Nano Bio-Chemistry Platform. Nano Fabrication Facility is a research base with advanced and special processing equipment, aimed at scientific and technological research with application base and application prospects, integrating the meaning of micron processing, nano machining and testing. Platform for Characterization and Test is mainly a large scientific instrument resources and information sharing system with reasonable layout, openness, high efficiency and advanced technology, offering institutes and enterprises services including testing, consulting and training. Nano Bio-Chemical Platform has the function of the integration of biological medicine research and development with the technological levels of biological molecules, drugs, cell, and small animals. The platforms have the function of incubator, providing all service for enterprises. They are talent training base for nano-science research and industry of the country and the enterprises, and provide a platform for the communications for both entrepreneurs and scientists. In the background of Production-study-research cooperation, SINANO make use of the facility and technological resources to cooperate with relate enterprises and scientific research institutions closely and share all kinds of scientific research and development projects, which is a win-win way beneficial for both scientific research and industrialization.

High-tech Enterprises Established by Scientists

In the later, we visited three high-tech companies named Nanowin, Nano-Micro and GenePharma respectively. Nanowin is a high-tech company devoting to developing technologies to fabricate high-quality large-size nitride semiconductor materials and is China's first gallium nitride substrate chip suppliers. Nano-Micro Tech is devoted to developing a world-leading technology for providing the highest quality and the largest selection of uniformly sized nano- and microspheres. GenePharma has gained great achievement in the treatment of diseases with RNAi drugs and its products have big influence on medical and bio-chemical areas. The domestic market is prosperous and the three companies' annual output value is climbing. They are all likely to become listed companies if to further expand as planned.

Science and Business

Advanced research platforms can’t exist without leading scientists and business can’t success without charming entrepreneurs. In this practice, we visited two sea turtles elites, the director of SINANO Ke Xu and the chairman of GenePharma Peizhuo Zhang.

The director Ke Xu is a well-known scientist at home and abroad and entered SINANO after returning from Japan. He compared the academic atmosphere and research system between China and Japan and admitted that China needed further reform and innovation in the two aspects. In addition, the director pointed the difficulty in the industrialization of high-tech technology in the lab and two suggestions to overcome the difficulty. First of all, to increase the responsibility to the enterprise, the technological researchers need to take a stake by providing technology and had better provide capital. The other suggestion is to value the sale of high-tech products, which determines success or failure. In the end, he introduced himself briefly and expressed his heartfelt hope and good wishes. No matter we chose to do research or enter the enterprises later, he hoped that we could know the top researchers and organizations in our research area and improved ourselves by taking them as examples.

Unlike the director Ke Xu, Mr Peizhuo Zhang is more likely to be an entrepreneur. He got a doctor’s degree in Peking University Health Science Center (PUHSC), and did postdoctoral study in London University. After returning China, he succeeded to win the national “one thousand plan” and established GenePharma. He said that he decided to return China for three reasons. First, he had the responsibility to return the motherland. Secondly, his heart had the Chinese soul. The last was that he needed to take care of his parents. He pointed that the booming development of bio-medical industry in China offered him the chance to return China and start a business. In addition, he compared the differences between China and foreign countries in some key points. He thought that China has a disadvantage on the competition with manufacture power, which results from the lack of pursuit for extreme beauty and the habit of clean, neat and order in our culture. China’s development in the future needed to depend on many middle and small-sized enterprises with specialty in some segments established by people with foresight, independent thinking and motivation. And he hoped that this trend would continue to develop and go on in China.

The Realistic Academic Road

    In the seven-day visit, SINANO showed us the image of a modern mature scientific research unit and impressed us with "value openness, emphasize output". Open platforms, open management, open mind let the latest technology gather in SINANO. Emphasis on research output is not only publishing high-level papers, but encouraging the industrialization of high-tech achievements and commercialization of high-tech service. The construction of personnel, equipment, facility and systems are all based on the combination of the two ideas. The raise of the mode shows the conversion of Chinese scientific research system in the new era which broadens our horizons and will lead us on the realistic academic road in the future.


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