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Where is social voice? In Communities, Where can youth blossom brilliantly? In grassroots.---a volunteer practice of DPSE in districts on Xiaohe street

Time2014-09-14 00:12

In summer of 2014, under the influence of Chairman Jinping Xi’s report on Youth Day(May 4), DPSE of Zhejiang university came to the district called Dongjia Xingchun on Xiaohe street of Hangzhou to advocate and practice the theme, “practicing core values, realizing Chinese Dream”. Here volunteers played with children, helped in community service center and visit elders. And meanwhile, a survey was made, concerning residents’chemical knowledge and the food safety problem. During the practice, volunteers felt the happiness of contributing themselves, while absorbing knowledge and skills.

Hand in hand, younger children and elder children

The voluntary trusteeship attracted more than 30 children. Trusteeship included contents such as learning guidance, mental game and painting etc. Volunteers’ vivid explanation made the learning contents interesting, and handwork games intrigued children’nature of curiosity.  

What’s more, concerning children’s life safety problem, we specially organized a lecture on summer safety which contained four dimensions: transportation, swimming, diets and self-protection. Except the vivid lecture, another scene play was made to help know each other more. Games and communications drawed us nearer. Among children, we felt like children and felt happy, being children.

Volunteers in community

Under the guidance of community service center, volunteers contributed service, such as consulting work, document organizing and cleaning work, in order to reduce the pressure of workers there and provide nicer service for residents. Volunteers were positive to talk with local workers and share their ideas about how to solve problems of public service and make better the way of service. Their sincerity and careful work won appreciations of residents and local workers. “To serve people”was not a saying for us now because we felt really happy by practicing it.

On-going community investigation

In view of “learning to use”, volunteers made an investigation about food safety to equip residents with basic chemical knowledge.

The survey’s questions were carefully selected and combined by volunteers in order to get the fundamental information about residents. After investigation and data analysis, volunteers contributed a survey report which may be useful for the work improvement in the district. Positive activities, such as distributing leaflets, publicizing necessary chemical knowledge won residents’ appreciation.

Visit elders whoes life attitude moved us

Volunteers visit elders who were broken in body,but firm in spirit. The communications with them gave light to us and really moved us. One of us said, “Nana’s mentality is worth learning, their optimistic life attitude and courage of fighting against disease won our deep appreciation, and delivered us great positive power.”

“Doing things which are concrete and meaningful for society” is our team’s value. Let youth blossom in the place where people are in need, isn’t a good and happy thing? This is just what we gained in this voluntary trip.

(By Xie Soulea)




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