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Tug of War, Revealing Us a Constant Fight in life, Along with Your Teammates.A Report of the Fifth Poly-cup Sports Festival of DPSE

Time2014-06-09 18:06
"Come on, come on..." cheering for players in the game of tug-of-war was on-going before the Polymer Buildings, since today was a festival day of promoting Polycup sports cultures.
The game participated by total 12 team representing their own party branch, was about to start and the air was tense. Finally came the expected time when at 2 p.m. the game started. Players lifting their breast, confidently went to the game position, took a deep breath, staring forward. Their preparation gesture: as if nailed onto the ground at their feet they pulled the string, at the same time letting the body backward as soon as possible. "Start! ", shouted the judger, suddenly great strength excited out from everybody poured into the string. And every player on both sides had a hot red face and tried best to pull backwards: one time the red string was more on this side, then it went to the opposite side...."come on...".
After first three games, three teams took the leading place, they were: 1101 party branch of undergraduates, the first and third party branch of the department of Biomaterials, who would fight against each other for the champion. Turns were determined by casting lots. First run: 1101 party branch vs the first party branch of the department of Biomaterials. Excitement of challenge sparkled in each player. "Prepare!"...red string was took and held tight..."start!", suddenly boomed the tense air into a sea of cheering sound and loud shouts of players who poured out their whole strength to win the game. The rhythm of the moving red string influenced the rhythm of peoples' hearts. Finally the 1101 party branch won the game.
Soon will next run start! Look! Xiao Wang was bawling, Guangyi Li was having tight brows and Yuankui Dai’s effort in the cords of his neck and hands could be seen clearly... The game seemed to get a stage of equal strength. But suddenly the first party branch of the department of Biomaterials excited more strength thus to win the game.
The final game seemed to have the 1101 party branch on the side of champion because their opposite team had lost much strength in the former runs. As anticipated, 1101 party branch won the game. Next came the cheering and congratulation for the winners who got the prize from Gaohe Wang, the students’ supervisor in DPSE office.
This game showed the culture of teamwork among people of DPSE. We learned a lot about the truth of sports, as the farther of Olympics said: Olympics expects not the winner but the participations of people, life means not the getting, but the fighting itself.
(By Soulea Xie)


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