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2014 Summer Scholar camp of DPSE of Zhejiang University Held Successfully

Time2014-07-18 17:05
To attract outstanding undergraduates to be members of DPSE family, DPSE held the 2014 summer scholar camp from July 14 to July 17. The summer camp launched its enrollment in May, and won wide appeal among national colleges. Through several selections, 43 outstanding undergraduates from 23 colleges got the qualification to be campers.
Summer camp life: on the first day, campers came to sign up, getting hospitable service from workers who were enthusiastic and patient. The hospitable atmosphere helped campers to involve themselves fast into the summer camp life.
On July 15, the summer camp began in room 228 of DPSE. Firstly, DPSE’s party secretary teacher Rengong Lou contributed a speech for the starting ceremony, delivering students three beliefs: innovation, truth and unity. Next, to help campers to know each other, DPSE prepared dedicate activities including fitting puzzles to find friends and sharing ideas about the topic of safety, thus both their safety awareness and mutual communication got improved. Then the dean of DPSE teacher Zhikang Xu delivered a wonderful lecture called “yesterday, today and tomorrow of DPSE of Zhejiang University”. He described vividly the history of DPSE, the current state and his outlooks on DPSE, and welcomed campers to further their study in DPSE with a poem called “Jiang Cheng Zi ¾ West Lake”. In the afternoon, campers were invited to visit DPSE’s exhibition room and labs. Professor Qi Wang explained DPSE’s past reforms and introduced majors among different subject groups, letting campers see again the charm of DPSE’s history and the full picture of scientific study. At night, Tong Sheng from the DPSE’s graduate office explained in details the policy of enrollment of DPSE.
On July 16, as an important part prepared for the summer camp, the first scholar festival of DPSE started in the rehearsal room on the second floor of Yongqian Building. Oriented for all graduates of DPSE, on the topic of self display and learning from each other, the festival took the form of international conference, including three procedures: oral report, wallpaper show and of wallpaper appraisal. 11 students from different subject groups made oral reports on their own scientific work, including study background, study subjectand study progress; 42 wallpapers from student Liu Zhen etc covered the whole walls of the hall. Before wallpapers, authors shared positively with students and teachers present, creating fine academic atmosphere. The festival developed graduates’ scientific views and created fine academic atmosphere, thus providing a good platform for scientific communication and development of DPSE. At the same time, the festival showed to campers scientific features of DPSE, improving scientific communication among colleges.
On July 17, the last day of the summer camp, a special day of self-display for campers. Wonderful reports from campers won high praise from DPSE’s teachers. The closing ceremony was held at room 228 of DPSE building, chaired by vice secretary of the youth league committee of DPSE teacher Xia Lei. He made a short review about the past four days and then announced the list of outstanding campers. At last, Professor Qi Wang contributed words for the closing ceremony and welcoming them again to join in the DPSE of Zhejiang University. To this point, 2014 Summer scholar camp of DPSE of Zhejiang university was completed successfully.
Time flies and summer camp has come to a short end. For the campers, four days’ camp life was rich and meaningful. In the big group picture, there were their happy faces. May they remember the valuable things learned here.
(By Xie Soulea)



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