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The Leader Group of DPSE Visited Students in Internship Programs in Jiangsu Yuxing Film Technology Company

Time2014-07-31 14:02

To have a better understanding of the internship of the students and to strengthen the communications with companies , the teacher group leaded by the Dean of DPSE, Zhikang Xu and the vice Dean, Rengong Lou, went to Yuxing Film Technology Company located in Changzhou, Jiangsu province, to visit students of the grade of 2011 in internship and their guiding teachers.

With the manager Quan Liu’s companion, the leaders of DPSE not only visited the company’s manufacturing workshop, R&D center and the students’ dormitories provided by the company, but also communicated with the students and teachers in internship to know more about their studies and lives in the company, and took them some necessities to relieve summer heat. The leader group made some requirements for the students in internship: Firstly, they hoped the students in internship could keep the fact in mind that safety is of great significance, and people should shoulder their responsibilities as well as we should learn to prevent hidden dangers and take people into first consideration whenever things happened. Secondly, they hoped the students could seize the learning opportunities in the company, learn from the predecessors, and combine what they learned from the textbooks with practical situations together, thus laying solid foundations for their further developments. Last but not at least, the regulations of the company should be strictly followed and the students should finish the tasks with high quality during the internship period, embodying the true meaning of truth seeking, the school motto of Zhejiang university. 

The internship programs would last for 11 days, and another group of students of DPSE would start their internship in Yuxing Film Technology Company at the beginning of September. Wish the students successful, happy and harvestable internship programs!

                                                     (By Xiaoying Gao)


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