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The Third Lisheng Chemistry Competition of Zhejiang University Held Successfully

Time2014-05-14 22:10
At the night of May 10th at 18:30, the final round of the Third Lisheng Chemistry Competition of Zhejiang University grandly took place in the Room 233 of International Conference Center of Zijingang Campus. We have specially invited Prof. Baoku Zhu of Membrane&Water Process Educational Engineering Center of Zhejiang University, the director of P&D of Lisheng Company Mr. Nachuan Wang, the associate director of the Department of Polymer Science and Engineering Mr. Lei Xia, the graduate representative Mr. Xiangsheng Liu and the president of Student Union of our department Miss. Ning Zheng as the raters for this final. There were also hundreds of students to attend this exciting competition.
Before the final round began, Mr. Nachuan Wang gave us an inspiring opening speech. He introduced the prospect of the company, its current research situation and the social responsibility it assumes, and he further gave his sincere wishes for students to get desirable scores in this competition.
Then, game started. We divided this competition into four parts: Goal, Time Running Out, Fast Q&A and Last Fight. The first part set the fundamental scores for each team. But teams with lower scores wanted to catch up, so they endeavored to get more points in Time Running Out. The second part carried a lot of chemical characteristics, since each team had to use balls and sticks to make the molecular structure projected on the screen. Upon completion, they would be rated by all the judges. The first team to make the right structure could get a chance to answer first. Prof Baoku Zhu’s comments on their structures became the hotspot for this night. After the second round, a student named Yifeng Li sang a song to relieve the fierce atmosphere. The last two parts not only tested students’ academic knowledge, but also examined their mutual cooperation, the ability to reasonably divide the works and in-site calmness. Some problems were relevant to the separation membrane, water chemistry, drinking water safety, recycling, and green chemistry, therefore everyone was able to witness the achievement ZhejiangUniversity and Lisheng Company made in the way to purify the water by membrane.
After four rounds, the competition ended. Star Prince team got the first prize, while 127 team and Walnut team were the second, with Ghost team ranking the third. All 10 teams received prizes and bonus. Then the lottery prize for the audience ignited this night to the highest point, for the prize was a notebook sighed personally by Prof. Qiang Zheng.
Then Prof. Baoku Zhu made the final summary for this competition, in which he praised the young generation, but also hoped that all students could study hard to make real contributions to better our environment, and reduce the energy costs. So the Third Lisheng Chemistry Competition of Zhejiang University final ended with happiness and satisfaction.
This competition inspired students’ curiosity and passion for chemistry in daily life, and also publicize our department to make it more acceptable for others. We hope that the Lisheng Chemistry Competition of Zhejiang University would become better in the future, and same with our department of Polymer Science and Engineering.
Prof. Baoku Zhu from Membrane&Water Process Educational EngineeringCenter of ZhejiangUniversity
Hainan Lisheng Clean Water Company
Student Union
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