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¡°Two Sessions¡± discussion by the 2nd Party branch of the institute of polymer science

Time£º2015-04-09 12:12

On the evening of April 9th, the 2nd Party branch of the institute of polymer science discussed about ¡°Two Sessions¡± in the Home of Party Members in the polymer building.

First of all, branch secretary Cuijing Liu asked seven questions about Two Sessions, including the differences between proposal and bill, the election schedule and so on. After that, Party members discussed the focused topics this year, such as anti-corruption, GDP increment, environmental protection, employment, procedure sampling, and social insurance, anti-corruption, food and drug, income distribution, work-style of cadre, birth control, environmental management and educational reform. As a graduate as well as a Party member, we should pay more attention to how to improve the people¡¯s livelihood, such as getting medical treatment nearby, expanding employment, increasing personal income, perfecting the test and enrollment system, continuing anti-corruption, preventing the ¡°Huge Case¡± from happening again and stopping prisoners getting out of jails. Finally, Party members discussed about what we should do and what we can do to adapt the tough job environment and make more contributions to the society, as the encouragement of Premier Keqiang Li to the young people.

This activity not only enriched the cohesion of the branch, but made the Party members realize their social responsibility and continue the fight in the right direction.

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