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A novel platform for DPSE¡¯s scientific communication¡ª¡ªDPSE¡¯s first academic poster display and meeting

Time£º2015-04-08 12:12

Poster is a commonly used form of demonstrating the academic achievements for communication among researchers. Since 2012/2013 school year, the Graduate Student Union held the ¡°Presentation of Academic Work of Postgraduates¡± and every PhD candidate can show his or her posters about his or her own research. What¡¯s more, there is daily presentation of posters in the Polymer Building, thus greatly promoting the academic communication among different groups. It also inspired the research enthusiasm of undergraduates and activated an intellectual atmosphere in our department.

At April 8, 2015, the 1st poster display of 2014/2015 school year began with the theme "controllable catalytic polymerization" in the floor hall of Polymer Building. First, as the teacher in charge, Prof. Ling Jun welcomed Prof. Xu Zhikang, Prof. Fan zhiqiang, Prof. Wang Qi and Prof. Wu Gang, who offered continuous support to this activity and then introduced the eight authors of the posters successively. Gao Lilong demonstrated a poster "preparation of redox-responsive micelles and release of anti-cancer drugs", immediately prompting a discussion among teachers and students; Wei Yang introduced the application of graphene in the field of battery; Zhang explained the technology of measuring the single crystal component in the polycrystalline mixture; Deng Chao presented the synthesis of the controllable light-emitting polymer, namely PFMA/PDMAEMA composite; Zhang Yingying introduced the 1H-NMR analysis of PGMA-g-PEG; Zhang biao showed the poster about the gas processing during the fabrication of alloy. Presentations were carried out orderly, and all of the students have benefited greatly from this activity, which was spoken highly by Prof. Fan. Prof. Ling Jun said that the presentation of posters provided a good platform between teachers and students and using these opportunities we could be inspired and might get an unexpected positive effect on our work.

Our department has a reputation for its favorable intellectual atmosphere and fruitful academic achievements. Our poster presentation has also become one of our featured activities, providing students further insight into the polymer science through this communication platform!

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