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Six essays of Zhejiang university counted into the list of 100 highest impact international academic essays

Time2015-03-17 18:06

The information research institute of Chinese science and technology of the department of Science and technology released the statistic result and whole performance about China’s 2013 science and technology essays on September 26.

Zhejiang university had six essays counted into the list of 100 highest impact international essays and together with Peking university won first for essay number among high educational institutes; Also the number of innovative essays, the number of incitation of international essays in 10 years and the number of high impact essays in different subjects remained to be in front among the whole national high education schools.
The relevant six essays follows: “Human infections with the emerging avian influenza A H7N9 virus from wet market poultry: clinical analysis and Characterization of viral genome” contributed by Chen Yu etc. of Li Lanjuan research group from Zhejiang First Hospital affiliated to Medical department of Zhejiang university; “Clinical Findings in 111 Cases of Influenza A(H7N9) Virus Infection” contributed by Gao Hainv etc.; “Graphene-Like Two-Dimensional Material” contributed by Xun Mingsheng research group of DPSE; “ Multifunctional, Ultra-Flyweight, Synergistically Assembled Carbon Aerogels” contributed by Gao Chao research group; “A Supramolecular Cross-Linked Conjugated Polymer Network for Multiple Fluorescent Sensing” contributed by Huang Feihe research group of Chemistry Department ; “ Stochastic Synchronization of Markovian Jump Neural Networks With Time-Varying Delay Using Sampled Data” contributed by Wu Zhengguang research group of Controll Department.
Besides, two essays from Xu Zhen research group of the department of electronic engineering on the study of “Flexible direct current power transmission ”---“Modular multilevel converter shape HVDC internal circulation mechanism analysis ”and “Modular multilevel converter shape HVDC modulation strategy ” were counted into the list of highest impact essays in domestic academy.
Statistic result showed that in 2013, Zhejiang university as the first author contributed totally 5298 SCIE-enrolled articles and reviews, remained to be the first among high educational institutes; Of all essays enrolled from 2004 to 2013, there are 29004 incited and the number of their total incitation is 327298, which made Zhejiang university still at the first place for his highest incited essay number; In 2013 Zhejiang university contributed 2098 innovative essays, keeping in front among high educational institutes all over the country; In JCR 176 scientific fields, on 153 highest impact journals, Zhejiang university published 219 essays and kept the first place for three years among high educational institutes all over the country.
By Xie Shoulei


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