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Chao Gao, The Professor of Department of Polymer Science and Engineering (DPSE) Won the Name of The Most Excellent Contributor In The Field

Time2014-12-18 22:10

Nature index 2014 china published on Nature, on December 18th, 2014, introduced the top 10 cities in china, where located majority of scientific research institutes and universities playing leading roles in the development of science worldwide, among which, hangzhou was included.

Zhejiang University has made undeniable contributions to make Hangzhou on the list. Especially, the article published on Nature emphasized the contributions of Chao Gao, professor of DPSE, Zhejiang university and Feihe Huang, professor of department of chemistry, Zhejiang university. In 2013, Prof. Gao published three articles concerning graphene and all-carbon aerogel, the lightest material in the world on Advanced Materials, which won him the name of the most excellent contributor in the field.

As the primary productive forces, science and technology was becoming the determining factor in the development of economic society, and the focus of comprehensive national power competition worldwide. Predictably, Zhejiang university would be of great significance in China’s innovative-oriented country constructions, and DPSE was of much account in Zhejiang university’s strategic developing process.

By Xiaoying Gao 


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