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The Leader of Material Technology Professional Group of General Armaments Department visited DPSE

Time2013-05-17 18:06

Leaded by Hongnian Cai, an academician and leader of Material Technology Professional Group of General Armaments Department(GAD) in Chinese Ordnance Equipment Company, a group of experts including Zhongping Li, a researcher and vice-leader of Material Technology Professional Group of GAD, Researcher Minxian Liang, Researcher Zijun Hu and Prof. Mingxin Ye, who are members of Material Technology Professional Group of GAD, as well as vice Prof. Xingwang Cheng, secretary of Material Technology Professional Group of GAD, inspected DPSE on the morning of May 16th. Presented at the meeting were Prof. Chaohui Wu, vice president of ZJU, Hongbing Shi and Gang Jin, both Vice dean of Advanced Technology Institute, Prof. Zhizhen Ye, dean of Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Prof. Qilong Ren, dean of Department of Chemistry, Rengong Lou, director of DPSE, Prof. Hongzheng Chen, vice dean of DPSE, Prof. Chao Gao from DPSE, Prof. Lianzhang Hong, vice director of Near Space Aircraft Institute. They all gave relative reports.

The symposium begun with academician Hongnian Cai’s speech about their main aims ------to inspect the research on graphene by the research team of Prof. Chao Gao and get a general idea of ZJU’ s research situation on new frontier materials. Then Hongbing Shi, Vice dean of Advanced Technology Institute, introduced the scientific capacities and achievements of ZJU, especially in fields relative to national defense and military industry, followed by reports given by Prof. Zhizhen Ye, Prof. Qilong Ren and Prof. Hongzheng Chen to show their departments’ progress in the corresponding material fields in recent years. Next, Prof. Chao Gao gave a report focused on his research about graphene-based advanced material, including natural graphite, graphene made by liquid dispersion method and micro-assembly materials (such as one-dimensional fibers, two-dimensional films and three-dimensional aerogels).

After overall discussions and communications, academician Hongnian Cai pointed out that our country’s military equipment research had gone through a process from catching up with frontier development to keeping abreast of frontier development and now became one of the international leaders in this field. Therefore, pre-research of materials must surpass the development of military equipment instead of going after it, combine science with engineering and know both how and why. Moreover, we should gather all the efforts to gain greater achievements. In the end, vice president Chaohui Wu expressed his thanks to the experts group for their arrival and his sincere hope to develop more materials with excellent properties to contribute to national defense and military industry by combining science with engineering. He also emphasized ZJU’s highly attention to military-industrial projects. Finally, the experts group paid a visit to Polymer building and the laboratory of Prof. Chao Gao.


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