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Time2014-01-13 18:06

1. Dean of DPSE, Qingwen Wang, was transferred to be the head of Departure and Retirement Department with an additional post of party secretary. Meanwhile, Rengong Lou was appointed as our new dean. (January)

2. “China-Portugal Joint Innovation Center of Advancing Material” settled in DPSE. (January)

3. The Project “Liquid Crystals and Fibers of Graphene in Macroscopic Order”, carried out by the research team of Prof. Gao, was voted as “Ten Major Academic Progress of Zhejiang University In 2012”. (May)

4. Trough democratic evaluation and inspection of the organization, the new term’s administrative personnel was formed. (July)

5. Prof. Qiang Zheng and Prof. Jian Ji acquired key projects of Natural Science Foundation of China. (July)

6. Prof. Lie Ma and Prof. Binyang Du were awarded National Excellent Youth Science Foundation. (July)

7. “Macromolecular Synthesis and Functionalization Lab”, a key laboratory of education ministry, successfully passed the first assessment. (September)

8. Prof. Chao Gao was awarded National Outstanding Youth Science Foundation. (September)

9. Prof. Hanying Li was awarded “Lifetime Achievement Award (Junior) of 2013” in “Polymers for Advanced Technologies” international conference. (October)

10. Owing to the successful regulation of new turn’s position subsidies, most teachers in DPSE got different levels of subsidy increase. (November)

11. Two students of DPSE, Sipei Li and Xiangsheng Liu, were awarded Chu Kochen Scholarship, which were one-sixth of all the 12 winners in our university. (December)

12. Four young teachers in DPSE won the title of “Truth-seeking Youth Scholar”. In our department, the rate of young teachers under 35 years old winning this award was up to 100%. (December)

13. Minmin Shi, Qiao Jin and Gaohe Wang were all promoted, the former to be a professor, the latter to be a vice professor, and the last to be a vice researcher. Moreover, Prof. Liyan Qiu, a winner of National Excellent Youth Science Foundation, joined in our department. (December)


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