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Laboratory of Controlled Polymerization and Structure-Properties of Polymers

Time2010-03-31 14:02

    In this lab there are three professors and three associate professors. They are Prof. Zhiqiang Fan, Prof. Junting Xu, Prof. Qi Wang, Associate Prof. Zhisheng Fu, Associate Prof. Binyang Du, and Associate Prof. Xinghong Zhang.

    Our research is focused on the development of new polymerization methods and the structure-property relationship of polymers.  Our current efforts are focused on six major topics: catalysts and techniques for coordination polymerization of olefins, controlled radical polymerizations, ring opening polymerization of epoxides and their copolymerization with carbon dioxide, crystallization and assembly of polyolefin-containing polymers, structure and properties of block copolymers, polymer hydrogels and microgels, as well as preparation and properties of enviromental responsive polymeric materials.

    In recent years, we have undertaken tens of fundamental research projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the National Basic Research Program of China, the National High Technology Research and Development Program, as well as the Natural Sicence Foundation of Zhejiang province, and many contract research projects supported by Sinopec Corp., BASF and other companies. More than 20 papers per year were published and 10 invention patents were issued in our group. Our research works have made significant impacts on the related research fields. The team members have been invited to present their key results in many international scientific conferences. Our publications have been cited by other researchers around the world for more than 1000 times. In the application-oriented researches, we have cooperated with domestic and international companies in the development of new polyolefin materials, optimization of the polymerization processes, characterization of polyolefin, and modification of epoxy resins, etc., which have significantly contributed to the advances of Chinese polymer industry.      


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