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Congratulations to Lijian Zuo for his recent publication on Adv. Mater.

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 A high-performance parallel tandem solar cell employing an ultra-thin Ag as the intermediate anode is demonstrated, which comprises a semitransparent front sub-cell and a microcavity assisted back sub-cell. In addition to the extended optical field as a result of the tandem architecture, the prominent microcavity resonance formed in the back sub-cell enables such parallel tandem configuration to possess high light utilization efficiency (the peak EQE value is over 80 %) and high photovoltaic performance of 9.2 %. This study establishes an effective architecture that can be generally applicable to all organic materials for improving their performance.

Microcavity-Enhanced Light-Trapping for Highly Efficient Organic Parallel Tandem Solar Cells,  Lijian Zuo, Chu-Chen Chueh, Yun-Xiang Xu, Kung-Shih Chen, Yue Zang, Chang-Zhi Li, Hongzheng Chen and Alex K.-Y. Jen, Adv. Mater. 2014, 26, 6778-6784.