Dept. of Polymer Science & Engineering | Chinese



1. Postdoc: Organic opto-electric devices

      Candidates should be holding a doctoral degree in Physics, Electro-Engineering, Material Science and related areas as necessity. Candidates with experience in design, synthesis, fabrication and characterization of organic optic-electronic materials are highly welcome. Candidates familiar with material charaterization techniques, e.g., AFM, TEM, XRD, are prefered.
  2. Postdoc: Organic optp-electric materials
      Candidates holding a doctoral degree in chemistry and having strong background in synthesis, purification and characterization of polymers and organic-inorganic hybrids, especially organic semiconducting materials are welcome. Experiences with phthalocyanine dye, perylene, phorphyrin derivatives, polythiophene and other organic semiconducting conjugates are prefered.
  Please contact Prof. Hongzheng Chen.