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Warm Congratulations to the Graduates¡¯ Tennis Team of DPSE for Winning One Gold and One Bronze Medal at Their First Participation in the ¡°Sanhao Cup¡± Tennis Match

Time£º2014-05-26 15:03

From May 24th to May 25th, 2014, the “Sanhao Cup” Tennis Match was held at the Zijingang Campus. Our department’s Wang Huan, Lin Chuner and Zang Dandan participated in the graduates’ division for the first time as a joint team. They won the the men’s doubles and second runner-up in team events, and finally ranked 4th in team total score, making their mark in the “Sanhao Cup” game.

In the “Sanhao Cup” team events, our team was in round-robin group A. Facing the College of Construction and Department of Material Science, two top teams, our team fought without a sigh of weakness. In the first match against the Department of Material Science, our men’ singles player Wang Huan won the first victory and overpowered the former runner-up, the No.1 player of the Department of Material Science by a large score of 6:1! In the second game of men’s singles, Lin Chuner played extremely well and with his great skill, won his opponent 6:2. Then, in the men’s doubles, our two men players won 6:2 by implicit cooperation. In the women’s singles game, Zang Dandan fought with great efforts against the champion of this year, Li Min, but at last lost to the formidable opponent 2:6. At last, our team beat the department of material science with total score 3:1.

Our second opponent in the round robin is the College of Construction. Lin Chuner played slowly but surely, and won his rival 6:3, earning a precious point. Wang Huan fought against Chen Xin, a former champion of men’s singles. Facing Chen’s booming serve and rich experience, Wang stood up to the great pressure and held up until tie-break. Although he lost 5:7 at last, he played a wonderful game for the audience. Then, in the most crucial game, Zang Dandan stood the high temperature and played tough. She fought against the opponent with a spirit of never giving up and stood up the pressure of a poor start. She finally realized a big changeover and won the game 7:5, earning a crucial point for the team. And thus our department progressed successfully to the knockout stages.

Our match in the knockout stage is against the College of Pharmacy. Unfortunately, due to the lack of fitness and other factors, we lost the rival 2:3 and failed to advance to the finals. Then, in the third place play-off, our players fought with tenacity, beat the Department of Material Science and won the second runner-up in the team events.

In the individual events the next day, Wang Huan and Lin Chuner partnered in the men’s doubles and won the championship with a score 6:2 against the challenge of the College of Electrical Engineering.

This year’s “Sanhao Cup” Tennis Championship was the first time that our department organized a team for the game. Owing to their high intensity usual training and determined spirit in the competition, our players performed excellently and won 27 points in total, winning our department’s first tennis championship. The only imperfect thing is that, due to the lack of participants in the individual events, we only won the 4th place in composite score combining the team events and individual events. We hope that more students of our department could take part in the tennis sport, exercise actively while developing their research careers and enjoy the game, and that we could continue the good start this year and reach new heights in future games.

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