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The 10th World Biomaterials Congress was held in Montreal
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The 10th World Biomaterials Congress was held in Montreal during 17th May and 22nd May, this congress is dedicated topioneering biomaterials researchers acrossthe past four decades who have enabledinnovation in the field, delivering on emergingtechnologies for global medical solutions.

  Four teachers and two PhD candidates from our group participated in this congress. Prof. Changyou Gao was awarded the lifelong honorary title “Fellow, Biomaterials Science and Engineering”(FBSE) by the International Union of Societies for Biomaterials Science and Engineering (IUSBSE). This honor recognizes that Prof. Gao has gained a status of excellent academic standing and high achievements in the field of biomaterials science and engineering. Prof. Changyou Gao gave an oral report named “Effect of chiral poly(acryloyl-valine) Capped on AuNPs on protein adsorption and cellular uptake” in “Intracellularly acting nano-structured biomaterials” and presented a poster named “Cell-free fibrin scaffolds for in situ regeneration of full thickness cartilage defects”. Prof. Lie Ma gave an oral report named “Gene-activated matrix for in situ regeneration of skin: from structure to function” in “Biomaterials in wound healing” general session. Wenbo Zhang presented a poster named “Porphyrin micro-nano particles mimicking viral morphology and influence of their roughness on endocytosis” and got an “ASV trainee award”. In addition, Weijun Tong presented a poster “Self-assembled Colloidal Particles with pH Sensing Property”, Zhengwei Mao presented a poster “Cell membrane capsules as biomimetic drug carriers”, and Shan Yu presented a poster “Preparation of MMP-sensitive Hyaluronic Acid Hydrogels and their impact on cell migration”.

  Some of the graduated students of our group also took part in this congress. Yi Hong from University of Texas at Arlington gave an oral report “Synthesis and characterization of a conductive, biodegradable polyurethane elastomer” in “Biodegradable Polymers” session, and presented a poster named “Engineering a three-dimensional cancer model from lung extracellular matrix hydrogel”. Jianjun Guan from The Ohio StateUniversitypresented a poster named “A prosurvival and proangiogenic stem cell delivery system to promote ischemic limb regeneration”

  4015 people from over 60 countries participated in this congress, the theme is Biomaterials for global medical solutions and emergingtechnologies, the presence of Industry and innovation in the numerous workshops, special sessions can be seen. Our group has got series of achievements like papers and patents in the past, and now we are still working hard to do research in biomaterials for the benefit of tissue repairing and regeneration, and we believe the future will be better.