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The 2011-2012 spring and summer semester summary in the group
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    Another intense and busy semester has gone as time flies. According to the customs, our group held the review meeting of this semester. This time we chose the so-called “cool world”- Mogan Mountain instead of the campus as the meeting place, which was different from the former years.

    At 8:30 am on 30 July, we set out to the destination and two-hour’s journey slipped away with our happy laughters and cheerful voices. On entering the Mogan Mountain, we felt cool and refreshed immediately. In the afternoon, the meeting was held on schedule in the meeting room of the holiday village. Each of the teachers and students in our group made a summary report on the research work and group management work, which was followed by a discussion in depth on these work. There is no doubt that the communication and discussion between teachers and students not only enhanced the group cohesion, but also improved our relationship. We believe that with the joint efforts of us all, our group will become more and more excellent.

    For the rest of time, we toured a series of scenic spots of Mogan Mountain: the beautiful Reed Flower Field Park, the quiet Wuling Village, the soul-stirring Sword Pool and Flying Waterfall, the historical Baiyunshan Pavilion, and so on. Following the introduction of the tour guide, we enjoyed ourselves in the lovely scenery and were busy with taking photos.

    Time went by quickly. The two-day tour came to an end with our nostalgia. Having appreciated the beautiful sight of Mogan Mountain, enjoyed the quietness absent in cities and tasted various delicious farm food, we really feel it a worthwhile trip!